Who Are We?

Team Network cherishes the leading position in providing innovative, high quality, profitable and trustworthy services to businesses, professionals and individuals. We are leading in providing business & human resource management, conventional and digital media management, information & communication technology solutions, consulting & training services. Special focus on entrepreneur-led economy remained one of our primary concerns by providing scalable and diversified support & assistance. Effective entrepreneurism together with innovating people is our forte. Individuality driven entrepreneurship to small and medium start-ups are a few of our specialised area of interest and we continue to assist and support the demand and need of entrepreneur-driven economy. We have distinct expertise in our specialist areas and we continue to provide a custom end to end or personalised solutions to our clients. And these distinctive capabilities give us a competitive advantage to stand out of the crowd. Team Network ensures full participation of clients to keep their confidence and trust in us.

Team Network is backed by highly professional and qualified members who bring in their individual experiences to deliver business services for leading and innovative business solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses. We have a highly educated and self-motivated team of experts with diverse educational and professional background. Our goal is to keep the team dynamic without conceding the core requirements. The journey is rooted back to the late 90s where inception of an idea to establish a software development business was shared amongst two individuals from the United States and Pakistan which later established but remained unsuccessful in the longer run due to too-futuristic vision and approach of primary founder as the acceptance of approach was remained unacceptable due to lack of technological and various other infrastructure in target market hence the start-up was closed after operating a few years. Later the primary founder moved to the United Kingdom and after spending years Team Network came into being with a diversified & broader vision focusing both local and global needs. It reflects not only in our mission statement as well as in our overall approach and in our products and services.

With a more vibrant outlook in our overall perspective we aim to establish more avenues in near future to fulfil both our vison and mission to materialise the value statement.



"We recognise the importance of globalisation for company growth. Therefore, we continue to adopt best  international industry practices yet catering the local needs."

Services We Provide

Consulting IT & Mgmt

We help businesses understand improvement needs, evaluate, identify and assess their capabilities and business processes and redesign their work frame and execute them in the cost-effective and efficient way in order of importance to improve their performance, by helping them improve efficiency and resolve hurdles.

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Team Builder (beta)

By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our forthcoming first online platform to cater all needs for entrepreneurs around the globe. From idea to implementation, planning to execution, funding to fundraising, an upcoming industry revolutionary solutions for today and tomorrow

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Media Planning

Ranging from conventional to digital media planning, buying or selling; our focus is to achieve desirable results in order to fulfill the due needs of your brand.
Providing a professional platform to help clients find solutions to meet their media management goals according to their requirements and media objectives.

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Global Conferences

Solutions to cater your conferencing and communication needs. Improving or settling the conferencing and virtual meetings or event solutions focusing your global audiences with scalable and result oriented approach our on-demand planning ensures your desirable outcomes.

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Digital Development

Customers today demand applications that could provide better connectivity, extreme customisation. By keeping these demands and expectations of customers, we provide digital development services that deliver effective solutions for individuals, organisations and businesses in varying domains.

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Entrepreneur Support

One of our most specialised and focus areas is to cater the increasing and progressing demands of entrepreneur led economy. Unlike the legacy business approach our focus is to establish real entrepreneurship environment specially in developing countries.

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Mission Statement

To create opportunities helping to establish an entrepreneur-driven economy by creating a facilitated infrastructure supported by technology, platform and services.

Vision Statement

Strive to establish the best mix of technobiz and biznotech culture in order to fulfill ever changing needs of global economies by innovating people. To be a global leader in entrepreneur-driven economy platforms.

Value Statement

Maximise the human capital to align the ever-changing global needs of the entrepreneur-driven economy. And to support the poverty alleviation as a corporate social responsibility.

What Have We Done

  • Business Process Redefined - Phase II

    Redefined the business processes of Team Network - Phase II

  • Global Entrepreneur Network

    Defined the guidelines in order to establish first career support network in south Asia region. Including establishing of first career management facilitation centres, publications and e-services.

  • Business Process Redefined - Phase I

    Redefined the business processes of Team Network - Phase I

  • Team Builder Concept Design

    Designed the basics of first Team Network platform. Addressed and redefined the business line strategy in the result of bottlenecks in telecom service line and previous issues found in overall business strategy.

  • Human Capital Facilitation Services

    An emphasis on human capital facilitation was established and identified the gap to realise the due potential of in-line products and services.

  • Voice Aggregation Services - Success review

    Archived the objectives defined earlier for telecom services to ensure its sustainability.

  • Telecom Services Establishment

    Focussed on the areas of telecommunication services and creating the due platform for Human Resource domain.

  • Business Solutions Services

    Established a basic infrastructure under the name of Team Network to provide services and solutions in the areas of Human Resource Management, Information & Communication Technology.